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Knittables is a collection of 10,000 3D-animated NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.


While maintaining the highest level of quality, we made sure that our NFTs are usable in real-time Game Engines as well as compatible with a variety of Metaverse standards, Web & AR applications, and much more.

Knittables is about giving everyone the chance to be part of an exclusive community. It is about forming meaningful bonds and connections with each other that last for years to come.


We want to go big, we want to do well, and we want to do good.


All of us are warriors in our own ways. We are all a product of our life experiences, our fears and strengths, cultures and achievements. There is no black and white, just an infinite number of shades of grey that we aim to represent with the body of our community and with the help of the Knittables collection. As members of our community, you are the threads that keep us together.

Doing it the tight-knit way, together as a tribe we stay!

The Knittables Legend

We do not know when and where the Knittables were seen first… Tales, passed down from one generation to the next, suggest that their discovery must reach back to the earliest days of mankind.


Some say they are barely taller than a mouse. Some say they are as tall as a puppy. One thing is for certain, they exist and have been seen on many different occasions. Some worship and consider them as holy creatures, whispering their prayers through the night. Others fear them and believe that they are evil beings, flinching in horror when they hear about their yarns. Could that be because of the way they look? Nobody knows for sure, as they all seem to be unambiguously different.

To this day, it is not clear where the Knittables really came from and what their purpose might be. Legend has it that they were born from connections between souls and that their bodies, and the tight-knit thread that composes them, solely rely on an intangible strong inner bond originating from inseparable soul connections.

The elders agree that their story must have started on earth and their sightings encompass locations ranging from the deepest forests, highest mountains, and driest deserts to raging oceans all over our planet.

Following recent events, an entire Knittables tribe large enough to conquer the blockchain has been discovered.


Are you brave enough to look for them?

9 - Elegant


The Protos are the roots of all Knittables and represent the wise spirits. After they first appeared, they had to adapt and defend themselves from all kinds of predators. They had to fight to be able to survive in a world that was not adapted to their needs and had started without them. To accomplish this, they had to make use of all the objects they could find, adjusting them to fit their needs.


They are kind, respectful, and patient creatures that only use violence to defend themselves. They never attack without good reason. They respect nature and all other living beings and try their best to live in harmony with their surroundings by making sure to always being aligned with their moral and ethical compass.


After everything went sideways with the Evos, a little group of visionaries decided to start thinking about an alternative future, different than the one their predecessors had left them with. They spent their energy and resources on developing new technologies that would provide them with a chance of a fresh start. It took them a long time but at some point, a small group of the most intelligent and talented Neos managed to master sources of energy that would allow them to travel through time.​​

They are smart and progressive creatures, highly dependent on technology, to such an extent that for some, their bodies are fused with technology. They are adventurous and curious. They think about their future and the survival of the entire Knittable Tribe.


The Evos are the next generation of Knittables. They are outsiders that wanted to explore their environments further which led them to split with their original tribe. Soon enough, they had forgotten all moral codes which their ancestors believed in and started taking things for granted, up to a point where they gradually started to destroy the environment in which they lived, almost irreversibly.


They are rebels, living in the now, looking for adrenaline with no fear or consideration for the potential consequences of their actions. Over time, they managed to acquire new materials and develop new technologies that allowed them to craft more and more advanced pieces of equipment and tools which, in turn, enabled them to survive in their new and more hostile environments. Their lives are rough and dangerous, but they always prefer taking risks over playing it safe.


bob is a VFX Supervisor who has worked on countless high-profile films and series, including Justice League, Deadpool, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Game of Thrones, for which he has earned two VES Awards.

Speaks: English, French


wivarior is a Harvard graduate and entrepreneur with an extensive background in marketing and consulting who has founded multiple successful advertising agencies. He is currently managing operations at GrailersDAO.

Speaks: English, German


seedbender is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Computer Science. As full stack developer, he specializes in data engineering and solidity development. He has worked with global gaming brands like Elgato and Sony Online Entertainment.

Speaks: English, German


adcdsb is a visual effects generalist with over a decade of experience in advertising. He has worked for global brands in various industries and has acquired an extensive set of skills within the spectrum of content creation. He is the Swiss army knife of the tribe.

Speaks: English, French, Portuguese, German


bivarior is a 3D design artist with a bachelor's in industrial and transportation design. He has worked for numerous brands, including BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz.

Speaks: English, German

Dr. Space Pirate

Dr. Space Pirate is an experienced management consultant who holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Montreal. He specializes in behaviour dynamics and conflict resolution.

Speaks: English, French

The Founders

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